Friday, April 20, 2012

And now the story begin.

Yeah we're the champ. and i had try my best to handling all those perangai yang macam2. but it's fun when you can meet and feel how's the attitude. behaviour. Nahhhh trying to be the best actually is not easy as you said so. Then keep on saying. Btw it's good when you became a leader and obviously and directly know how the situation. how to manage it wisely and being a professional leader. But i'm not kind of directly left out all the opinions . But i'm asking them what to do, what do you want to do. Diffrent peeps diffrent ways. I dont care either them is not like my ways but i already show them i can be a winner. Sorry i had to left my status there as a drum major. sorry i had to left out band slowly. I'm hoping the new and fresh junior will lead band to the most highest level. I had done my job. I had done my responsibility. I had done my career here. Being a leader and now i'm lefting out all my past with memories. It;s remain. But you are'nt able to reach me afterwards. Goodluck Uitm Pahang Brass Band :)

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