Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Its the time and i had a great performance lst nite..haha :)
Some of my frends said " Lancau, kau amik barang ke, mcam stone je main!! Sudah pulak!! 
Hahaha...itu lah menjiwai lagu..haha..i'm starting with One buck Short..lompat2 mcam orang gila :D
I'm the first all the audience must needs something awesome! 
But i've got the rhythm :) 
Hey its not ends just like that..there's a lot of talented bands perform last nite..
Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park.
Thats the 2nd song that i played..and last performance we go through to accoustic session..
Paramore :)
Its awesome man! I will upload the pic soon..still x dapat lagi dari kawan 
I'm not the winner but i'm one of the best :)
Uitm Pahang I heart You!!

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